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The Abel Homes Good Neighbour Charter

Abel Homes Ltd believes that it is important to be a good neighbour and to recognise how we affect the community in which we operate.

Residents in the location of a construction site may experience disruption, inconvenience and an increase in traffic during the work, and whilst we cannot stop this disruption completely, we endeavour to take steps to keep any inconvenience caused to a minimum.

Before beginning work on a construction site we will inform the local community of issues relating to access to the site for our plant and equipment; normal working hours for the site and contact details of the Site Manager who will be the local contact during the works.

Initiatives we have taken and will take in the future:

We will be Considerate

All work will be carried out with consideration to neighbours, nearby businesses, visitors, and the general public.

  • We will send letters to neighbours at the start of site work informing them of what will be happening and giving the contact name and telephone number of the Site Manager whom can be contacted in case of queries or complaints. The Site Manager will deal personally with comments or complaints from the public or neighbours and aim to resolve all complaints swiftly.
  • We will ensure that work does not start too early or finish too late. Normal working hours on the construction site are 7.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 1.00pm on Saturdays if required.
  • We will aim to inform neighbours in advance of any unusual activities, such as large loads, early deliveries, noisy work, late or weekend working, etc.
  • We will monitor parking, especially on neighbouring roads, by ensuring off-site parking is dealt with considerately.
  • We will be mindful of people with sight, hearing or mobility difficulties.
  • We will restrict the times of deliveries, especially during rush hour and near schools.
  • We will minimise noise and dust close to neighbours and the general public.
  • Site accommodation and vehicles are non-smoking areas.

We will be Clean

We will ensure that the building site is kept clean and in good order at all times, including site facilities, offices, toilets and drying rooms. Surplus materials and rubbish will not be allowed to accumulate on the site or spill over into the surroundings.

  • We will endeavour to keep the site entrance, roads and footpaths adjacent to the site clear of construction materials, mud and spillage at all times.
  • We will ensure that materials and plant are kept within site boundaries and are stacked neatly.
  • We will take all possible measures to reduce dust.
  • We will clean the site on a regular basis, especially around canteens and toilets and ensure welfare facilities are kept clean.
  • We will control discarded paper/materials and other general rubbish around the site at all times.
  • We will ensure skips are emptied before they become overfilled.

We will be Respectful

We will ensure that respectable and safe standards are maintained at all times on our sites. Pride in the management and appearance of the site and the surrounding environment will be shown at all times.

  • We will ensure that all site operatives and contractors maintain a respectable standard of dress code at all times.
  • We expect our staff to treat members of the community in a polite and courteous way.
  • We will not allow the display of potentially offensive material and lewd or derogatory behaviour and language will not be tolerated.
  • We do not allow loud radios/music to be played on our construction site.
  • We will provide suitable welfare facilities for all site operatives.
  • We will screen toilets from public view.

We will be Safe

We will ensure that construction operations and site vehicle movements are carried out with care and consideration for the safety of site personnel, visitors and the general public.

  • We will position warning signs where required and have appropriate signs for both the pedestrian and the road user.
  • We will keep all walkways to, from and around the site in a good condition.
  • We will record all accidents.
  • We will record and investigate all ‘near misses’.
  • We will make the site secure, especially during non-working hours.
  • We will follow all Health and Safety procedures at all times.
  • We will have a qualified, visibly identifiable First Aider on site at all times.

We will look after the Environment

We will limit the environmental impact of each building site and efforts will be made to select and use local resources wherever possible.

  • We will pay attention to waste management and materials will be reused and recycled where possible.
  • We will protect all flora and fauna.